Hilarious exchange between ice-cream eater and Tesco

This customer was disappointed his Tesco Cornetto didn’t have any chocolate inside.

He took to Facebook to have a little moan, but got creative with it, writing this hilarious message. Tesco’s reply was even better.

“Once upon a time, a small independent store called Tesco crafted a very special Cornetto (of course, it was not a Cornetto for legal reasons). This very special Cornetto didn’t have any milk in it and consisted of delicious vanilla and strawberry ice cream, wrapped in a crunchy, chocolate lined cone with a strawberry sauce through the middle.

Everybody rejoiced at this wondrous creation.

Until one fateful day.

Imagine the horror of the unsuspecting customer, after carefully unwrapping the delicious treat to find that the previously crunchy cone was soft, lifeless…flaccid. The chocolate was gone! No more was the cone a testament to confectionery engineering. No more was there a solid, tantalising chocolate end to the cone!

The customer fell to his knees and cried sugarless tears of bottomless grief. The glory days were over and the prospect of a world without a chocolate coating brought an incurable ache to his heart.
To be continued…

Will there be a happy ending to this story, Tesco?”

And the reply from Tesco

“Once upon a time a customer of the magical kingdom of Tescodonia bought some delicious strawberry & vanilla cones, but alas the gnomes from choccy village who make our chocolate based products was attacked by a vicious dragon and the chocolate was burned to a cinder. The customer was without one of the most vital ingredient in their cone, this was a tragic day in Tescodonia.

From the sherbet mountain a glimmering warrior appeared, a warrior that defends Tescodonia and all of its customers, this warrior was also on a massive sugar buzz. He rode down on his unicorn which kept on changing colour, a friend of the warrior, Sharbra, the fierce tiger, came to tell the warrior of the disaster which has struck. The warrior got rid of the unicorn as the changing colours gave him a headache. The warrior and Sharbra vowed to restore peace to Tescodonia and bring retribution to Dav, the mighty customer.”