Try K-mart. They have a great selection of things you can actually afford

First of all, our store is a bit different with prices. We have no way to look up the price of an item unless our price sticker is on it. If a customer gets something with no price, we have to find a similar item to get a price from.

So, this rather large lady brings up a very nice comforter set up to the counter. She said it didn’t have a ticket on it, but according to her “they were all the same price back there” and handed the cashier a 2nd, $40 comforter set to scan the price from. The cashier wasn’t new or dumb, so she didn’t fall for it, and she called for a price check, and started ringing up some of the other stuff the large lady had bought.

This annoyed rather large lady, and she started complaining about how our service sucks and we shouldn’t make her wait and we don’t know what we’re doing and on and on. The employee found one by the same brand that was about $150, except a size larger. So, the cashier said we could give it to her for $140.

“THAT’S BULLSHIT I WANT TO TALK TO YO MANAGER. Y’ALL BE TRYIN TO SWITCH YO PRICES AND THATS BULLSHIT…” she went on and on. So we call for a manager, and of course, up comes the one that always sucks up to the customers as hard as she can. I knew this lady was going to get whatever she wanted.

So as we are telling the manager what happened, the rather large lady has been making a scene for almost 5 minutes now. The manager starts her suck-up routine and starts apologizing for everything. The manager then says she will take the comforter down to $125 for the inconvenience. I rolled my eyes because the rather large lady just got a pretty big discount for doing nothing but being a bitch.


Apparently, this wasn’t what my manager expected at all. She just stared at the large lady with a confused look on her face. After that, she did the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen her do. With the straightest face ever, she took the comforter, put it on the floor behind the counter and said:

“Well, it looks like nothing is going to make you happy, so maybe you should try K-mart next door. They have a great selection of things that you can actually afford.”

My mouth literally dropped open, and so the other employees there who were watching. The lady just stormed out of the store calling everybody there every name under the sun, and we were all smiling as big as we could.

Story credit: Reddit