Threatened with Karate

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I had just started working in retail and was in the backroom watching training videos, filling out forms, etc.

I thought I was in for an easy first day, but someone working on the checkouts needed lunch and since it wasn’t that busy they decided to throw me up there for an hour. Running a register is supposed to be pretty easy so it shouldn’t have been a problem. In walks a short, ancient-looking customer and lays down two items that were about $0.60 each. I scan them through and tell him the total and he becomes visibly angry.

He goes bright red, lets out an exasperated sigh and starts ranting about how it said they were $0.50 on the shelf. This seemed mental to me. It was a minor difference, but I didn’t have very much experience with this kind of thing. So I just said “maybe they were in the wrong place? The computer should show the correct price.”

That was it. He starts shouting, saying “you don’t care, you think you’re big and tall standing over there?! Well, I’ll hop over there and beat your ass.”

He then points to a ring on his hand while saying “see this?! It means I’m a world karate champion. I’d kick your ass in a second.”

Not particularly convinced by his claims and beginning to wish he would indulge his “fight the lowly retail employee” fantasy I awkwardly shrugged. After storming out the next guy in line steps up, points to his ring and says “you see this?! It means I’m married. My wife sent me here