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My journey into retail began at the much loved Somerfield (Remember the place?) which then turned into a Waitrose. I wore many hats (literally aswell as figuratively). I stacked shelves, I served grannies corned beef and ox tongue at the delicatessen, I became the purveyor of fine meats at the meat counter, and I mucked in at the fish counter too – with some displeasure considering my distaste for such fruit de mer as the French say. And I also donned the high visibility jacket that can only mean one thing – I was once a trolley boy too!

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Clothes are NOT essential

When a Welshman comes through the doors wearing a pair of tight fitting pants, ONLY a pair of tight fitting pants.

Arcade owner fills grabber machine with rolls of toiler paper

"I think all this panic buying of toilet roll has been loo-dicrous", it's not quilted or anything, just bog standard"

Celebrating British food #2 Mini pork pies

When you bite into the pie, the pastry falls away and you encounter the reconstituted mess of pork, lard and hydrogenated oil. Lovely!

Celebrating British food #1 Crumpets

The nightmare food amongst sufferers of trypophobia (fear of holes) crumpets are pucks of yeasty sponge matter with holes in.

Counting her beans

An Aldi customer bought a 29p tin of Corale Premium Quality (sounds about right) baked beans in Rich Tomato Sauce.

Man gets stuck inside ALDI

Word of advice to staff who close up shop, make sure there are no customers still in before you turn on the alarm and close the doors!

Animal invasion #1 seagull causes chaos in Tesco in Cornwall

With the wide doors, colourful treats to peck at, nesting potential and meal deals for £3, it's no wonder birds end up in supermarkets

Rise of the retail worker robots

"Where is the beer?", to which Fabio would reply "In the alcohol section".. "Where is the cheese" – "In the fridges" Oh dear Fabio

Supermarket gives out embarrasingly named plastic bags to discourage their use

One supermarket in Canada came up with a unique and hilarious way of discouraging the use of single-use plastic bags

Hilarious exchange between ice-cream eater and Tesco

This customer was disappointed that his Tesco Cornetto didn't have any chocolate inside. He took to Facebook to have a little moan...

Retail worker is rewarded for helping blind customer with his shopping

This is one of those feel-good stories that reminds us that Retail Workers are always out there to help people who are in need.

Genius retail wordplay #2 Singhsbury’s and Morrisinghs

The story behind this is as hilarious and heart-warming as is the name. The owner changed the name due to legal action from Sainsbury's

Genius retail wordplay #1 Sellfridges

If you're British, and maybe even if you're not, a punny name for a shop or a product is guaranteed to tickle you.

Lemon Fizz

This product might give you clean hands, but might also leave you with a red face. Replace the F with a J, and what do you get?

A fabulous announcement..

This supermarket worker and TikToker has nailed his announcing game.

You cannot go wrong with this shopping list!

Sometimes we do get distracted when we shop. My wife once complained that I got baby milk instead of our normal semi-skimmed..

The impromptu noshers

I worked on a delicatessen counter. Some customers had this weird habit of eating what they had just ordered at the counter...

The new accent

So during my first job in retail, I was talking normally to a customer and she goes “Wow you have such a lovely British accent”