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20 Funny Retail Memes

Ned flanders looking through the window, female retail worker shocked.

Here are 20 funny retail memes that perfectly describe what it’s really like to work in retail or customer service.

1. Retail workers quit managers not jobs

This first one isn’t a retail meme (great start, right) but the sentiment is 100% true. We’ve all been there, dreading a shift because we know we’ll be dealing with the manager that makes our life a living hell.

Having a good retail manager really changes your work ethic. Some managers don't realise that how they act truly affects how their employees work.

2. When the answer is always “I’m working”

One of our most relatable memes. Your friends keep asking to hang out, but you’re always busy working. You probably hate your retail job, but you just can’t say no to that extra shift no matter the cost. It’s all about the money!

No matter what you want to do with me, the answer is always going to be "Working" because I work in retail.

3. On relationships with other retail employees

Retail workers are supposed to be part of a big family. But in reality, as soon as your co-worker gets a new job, the most you can expect is a little small talk when they come in to do their shopping. Until eventually, they start shopping somewhere else to avoid you.

Co-worker relationships are so bittersweet in retail. You spend months telling each other little stories about each other...

4. Yep, I’m pretty sure it’s out of stock!

Probably the most current of all retail memes. The customer can clearly see the shelf is empty, yet fails to understand that you don’t have a secret stash of toilet rolls behind the register.

Are you sure it's sold out? YES, PRETTY SURE BARBARA!

5. Online and in-store are two different things

Few things will grind your gears in a retail job more than the person who thinks that your store and the website are the same thing. Or that cashiers have the power to change the prices to match up with what you saw online.

Well are you online or in the store meme

6. When people need a truth bomb

Some people think it’s funny to look down on people working in retail. When in reality, they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a retail job, giving up their weekends and working crazy hours because their store is understaffed.

7. When someone recognises your pain!

This meme perfectly captures one of the sweetest moments in retail life, when you’re sick of listening to customers speak to you like crap. Then someone recognises your plight and speaks up!

No better feeling than when you've just dealt with an asshole customer and another customer defends you...

8. When you’re definitely not open

Probably one of the most famous of retail memes. I mean how many times do they have to hear it? Check the clock! How do you not realize the store isn’t open? We haven’t even opened the registers yet. But they keep on watching you from the window, like some kind of beady-eyed pervert.

When you're not open but the customer still expects to be let inside...

9. Will you please just LEAVE?

Retail jobs are hard enough without having to herd stubborn customers around like cattle. The sign says that we close at 10, but I swear they pretend not to know. So you have to check around the store trying to find the stragglers who seem to have forgotten they can come back tomorrow.

Me at closing time telling the customers it's about time they fucking leave...

10. Essential reading for all employers

I’m pretty sure most retail employees have realised that working in retail isn’t the career or road to success that it used to be. The truth is, we’re sick of giving up our weekends and working crazy hours without a regular break. And don’t even get me started on the Christmas music.

The pay and the perks of working in retail don't entice employees anymore. What makes them stay is peace of mind...

11. When you’re sorry, not sorry

This one of those retail memes that says the things we wish we were free to say for real. Honestly, if customers were to learn what we really think of them, they’d be in for a shock.

How I apologize to customers...

12. This one is still a mystery to me

This is one of those tweets that perfectly captures the sentiments of many people working in retail. When will customers understand that it’s not OK or funny to speak to us like crap?

Working in customer service really makes you wonder who the fuck raised all of these rude entitled customers...

13. Will you just LOOK!

I’m just putting this out there, we have price tags for a reason. They’re really not that difficult to find. And no, if you can’t find the price it doesn’t mean that it’s free. That joke will never, ever be funny.

When a customer asks for the price that's on a product...

14. Why everyone should work in retail at least once

Working in retail prepares you for the harsh realities of working with the public. You don’t even need to do it for long. Just spend a weekend or two working behind a cash register dealing with awful customer jokes, wondering if you are ever going to get a lunch break.

I think everyone should have to work in retail at least once...

15. When customers use your name

Of all the memes in this article, this is the one that never stops being creepy. I wore a name tag on my chest for years, but could never get used to everyone knowing my name. I just don’t understand why a customer needs to know your name?

When a customer starts calling you by your name...

16. That feeling on your day off

Getting a day off in retail is rarer than you may think. So when it does finally happen you’ll probably struggle to believe that it’s actually happening. And when you do fall back asleep, you’ll just dream about all the things you forgot to do during your last shift.

When you think you are late on your day off...

17. We’ve all been there

A retail job can often feel like it has control over your life. It’s difficult to understand until you’re actually there, putting up with a manager that likes to pile on the work. Or dealing with a customer that keeps telling you that you need to smile more.

I am a retail worker looking for a car to hit me...

18. Every customer gets a nickname

This is one of those memes that anyone can relate to. Whether you’re working in retail or as a server in a restaurant, there’s always THAT one customer who earns themselves a nickname.

You know you work in retail when you have nicknames for customers...

19. Stupid levels approaching maximum

Think you know stupid? Just wait until you have to explain basic math to someone that can’t read a receipt. Or when you have to share directions to the front door because a person doesn’t understand how to find their way back out.

Until you work in retail you will never know about the level of stupid in the world...

20. Helpful co-workers

It would be wonderful if we could rely on our co-workers to share the load when we’re not on top form. But in my experience, retail work is a lot easier when you go it alone!

When one of your co-workers tries to help but just ends up making things worse meme