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20 Retail Manager memes that will tickle your pickle

When you weren't staying late but your boss thanked you anyway meme

Whether you’re a manager or just have to deal with them, these retail memes will get you through your day!

1. When you just want to go home

You’ve been clock-watching since the start of a 12-hour shift. You finally serve the last customer of the day. Freedom is finally at hand.

That is until Kevin, your 17-year-old manager, sees you trying to leave…

One of the best retail memes that shows what it's like in a retail job when your boss won't ever let you leave and go home

2. That boss who makes a point of saying “good morning” to everyone

You know the type. They stroll in at 8 am followed by their entourage of ass-kissing day managers. They walk around pointing out all the little things that the night shift couldn’t finish due to being overworked and understaffed.

But it’s OK because they still take the time to say hello to everyone…

One of my favourite retail memes that makes fun of how some leaders in retail think that saying hello to their staff is a sign of being a good boss.

3. The “do as I say, not as I do” retail manager

This Manager is too busy sucking up to the customers and dealing with the easier jobs in the store to realise that they constantly contradict themselves.

Another classic among retail memes that shows how a retail boss can ask you to do one thing one day, then have a go at you the next day for doing something different.

4. Your boss never sees when you are doing well

You know what I’m talking about. You just single-handedly defeated your 8th Karen of the day, and despite being busier than ever with customers, you’re actually enjoying yourself.

Unfortunately, this is the day your boss decided to take off to buy another three houses.

This retail meme is about those times when your boss isn't around to see how well you are doing at your job.

5. Early finish? Don’t think so, mate

The store is over budget, and there is no customer in sight. So even though you know you’ll regret it on payday, you ask if you can go home early.

Unfortunately, your boss has other ideas, and you spend the next few hours cleaning shelves, clearing returns and tidying the stock room.

This retail meme is about how your boss could let you leave early, but instead, they think up a bunch of tasks so that you can't go.

6. The reluctant retail boss

The idea of confronting underperforming staff members is too much for this boss to bear, so he puts more pressure on the staff who are performing well instead.

There are overworked retail workers in every store, thanks to weak leaders like this.

This retail meme is about weak leaders who are scared to deal with problematic staff and over work their good staff instead.

7. The retail boss who never arrives

Retail workers have all been there when their boss tells them to start the work or the meeting but never actually turns up to help. This meme manages to describe this more annoying element of retail life perfectly.

One of the best retail memes to describe the gaffer who never arrives, despite saying he will be there in five minutes.

8. When you can’t get a new job because your salary traps you

You may not realize it, but some managers get paid a small fortune for their retail job.

And while the money can be great, it does eventually get to the point where they can’t quit and start a new career because they will have to take a massive pay cut.

A retail meme that explains how leaders in retail get trapped by the salaries and can't ever leave without taking a drop in pay.

9. When you take small talk with your boss a bit too literally

Let’s face it, most of us hate being in the store and dealing with customers at the best of times, so when you spot an opportunity to escape, you’re going to take it.

A retail meme about going home because your boss told you to have a good day. It's funny because it's not meant to be taken literally.

10. If you want hard workers, you’ve got to work hard to find them

Getting a bunch of people together and asking them to pretend to sell soap powder to an imaginary customer is not a good way to test if someone can hack working 12 hours in the cold.

Retail workers must be shown the reality of working in our stores, listening to none stop Christmas music and dealing with snarky co-workers while still providing great customer service before being hired.

A retail meme that explains how broken the hiring process is in retail when it comes to taking on new hires and expecting them to be incredible workers.

11. Being the boss does have its perks

Of all customer-related retail memes, this is probably one of the most famous. When Karen is taking a stand and demanding to speak to the person in charge, and you just happen to be that person. It’s honestly the most satisfying feeling ever.

How I apologize to customers...

12. Chances are if I’m staying late, I probably didn’t realise it

Few things will make me linger around in the store longer than I have to. So if I’m still there, I’m probably waiting around for the cashiers to arrive so I can start shopping for my own groceries as a customer. Or I may have just been sitting here looking at retail memes. In any case, I’m going home now.

A retail meme about your boss thinking you are dedicated to your job, but you were just distracted looking at retail memes

13. If only retail employees were free to be this honest

This may come as a shock, but we don’t get retail jobs because we want to make friends, give up our weekends or read price tags to customers. We’re there to earn money and then go home to our family. It’s that simple.

A retail meme about being honest with your boss that you don't want to be at work

14. Say goodbye to your spine if you want to be a leader in retail

A sure sign of working in retail is back pain, usually caused by standing at a register for hours on end serving your millionth customer of the day.

One of the funner retail memes that explains how badly retail employees' backs can be damaged from prolonged work in a store.

15. Because you just love having to hear someone tell you how to do your job

It doesn’t matter how busy and efficient you think you are. Your retail boss will still find a way to micro-manage every last task.

A retail meme that shows a dog pooping and a child micromanaging it. This is supposed to be similar to how a retail boss will micromanage your tasks.

16. Don’t ever tell your boss how long a job will take

It starts as a casual conversation about how you’re getting on with your work. Little do you know that your rough estimate has been sold as a deadline. And don’t even think about having a lunch break until its all done.

A retail meme that explains how you should never give an estimate for long a task should take in retail

17. There are no original ideas in retail

You’re supposed to be free to share your ideas and opinions in the workplace. And if your ideas lead to success for the business, you should get full credit. Not in retail, though!

This retail meme explains how can and will steal your ideas if they think they are good

18. Worked hard to finish your work? Here is some more work to say thanks.

In most jobs, if you work hard and finish your work, you get to chill for the rest of the day. But the truth about working in retail is that you’ll never be rewarded for being the first person to finish.

If you finish all your work, you will be given more work as a reward.

19. Do as I say, not as I do

The chances are that your boss doesn’t really know what it takes to do your job, and their instructions will usually be wrong. They just like to exercise control over your life whenever they can.

Your boss will probably tell you to do one thing one day, but something else the next day

20. Working with a friend helps to dull the pain of working in retail

When you’re dealing with customers, working for hours on end at the cash register and having to listen to Christmas music on repeat, it can become a bit much. So having a friend to hand to speak to can make a world of difference.

Working with a friend is better than working alone.