Got a confession to share about working in retail?

Share it below and we’ll publish it on Retail Worker Confessions!

    1. Don’t mention real people (even if your boss Kevin is a prick)
    2. Your confession must be original
    3. No hate speech, racism or abuse please!
    4. Max 1000 characters.

Need some inspiration for a confession? Check out our story guidelines below

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    What kind of confession should I share?

    Here are some confession suggestions:

    1. Conversations with customers and co-workers
    2. Something that happened to you, a customer or a co-worker
    3. Something irresistably shameful. We’ve all got skeletons!

    Check out our confessions section for inspiration.

    What makes a great confession?

    1. Try to set the scene. Where did it happen? Who was there? What were you doing?
    2. Keep it snappy — 500 to 800 characters works best!
    3. Try to include a punchline or a conclusion at the end of your confession

    Will anyone know that I submitted a confession?

    If you’d prefer to remain anonymous use a pseudonym/nickname when you submit your confession.

    Will anyone be able to see my email address?

    Nope. We keep them safe!

    Will you edit my confession?

    Only if you share something too specific that could be used to identify you or someone else.

    We never embellish your stories to make them funnier or more outrageous — though we are ALWAYS tempted.

    Oh, and we might correct your spelling 😬

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    Yes, but we’d need to chat first. Get in touch and share your idea. We’ll then get back to you and explain everything.

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    Yes! Get in touch

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