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You cannot go wrong with this shopping list!

Shopping list on table with pen

This shopping list is pure genius..

@adamxmelinda Who can relate? 🤣 #marriedlifehumor #couple #couplecomedy #husbandandwife #husband #couplelove #foryou #tutorials #couples #wife ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Sometimes we do get distracted when we shop. My girlfriend once complained that I got baby milk instead of our normal semi-skimmed, pears instead of apples, tomatoes instead of beetroot, gravy granules instead of coffee. If I’ve managed to get the correct thing, I’ve probably got the wrong brand, or it’s not the right price, or I’ve got the wrong quantity. Sometimes I don’t know where the item is on the shop floor. My strategy is often to aimlessly scan the shelves looking for visual cues. Cereal will be down the aisle where all the colourful boxy things are.

Not everyone is a good shopper. In fact some of us are terrible. I’m definitely a zombie shopper.

When I saw this tiktok, I knew immediately this is exactly the level of detail I need in a shopping list. I’ll be forwarding this to my girlfriend as a hint.. I hope I won’t get an elbow to my ribs.😉