Lemon Fizz

This product will give you clean hands, but might also leave you with a red face. I’ll leave it to your imagination what you make of it, but Stacey Jane was left in hysterics during her weekly food shop at Aldi in Rustington West Sussex.

Lemon Fizz

Credit: Kennedy News And Media

Nail technician Stacey, from Worthing, West Sussex, said: “I thought, ‘Oh, that’s new,’ [then] looked at it and thought, ‘Oh my lord.’

“Literally, I thought it was a J, I thought it said ‘jizz’.”

“To which I just burst out laughing in the middle of Aldi and people were looking at me like I’d completely lost my marbles.”

She continued: “It was one of those things where you think I have got to take a picture and I have got to share this because it’s hilarious.

“I thought people would find it so funny and it would cheer everybody up.

The mum added: “I shared it on my Facebook as well as the Aldi page and mostly people were laughing at it. They knew immediately, for sure. If they’re laughing at it then they knew what I saw.