Genius retail wordplay #1 Sellfridges

Sell Fridges fridge and appliance shop

If you’re British, and maybe even if you’re not, a punny name for a shop or a product is guaranteed to tickle you. Our favourite one today is the infamous Sellfridges – an unremarkable looking retailer of fridges and washing machines as the frontage suggests, in an unremarkable corner of North London, but with a remarkably genius name, which is just one extra letter from the retail giant a few miles away in case you didn’t know.

It is with great sadness that, according to the Times, this wittily named establishment is no longer in business. Goes to show a witty name is not a sure fire guarantee of success in business. Having said that, the humble shop still exists on business listing websites. It’s spirit lives on. Could have been an opportunity for a great website URL, think of all the traffic they’d get from mistype-prone internet shoppers!