Animal invasion #1 seagull causes chaos in Tesco in Cornwall

With the big wide doors, colourful treats inside to peck at, nesting potential, meal deals for £3, it’s no wonder our feathered friends find themselves in supermarkets. The problem is, when they are in sometimes they struggle to find their way out.

I’ve seen this with my own eyes, they don’t understand that windows cannot be flown through, and end up in a bit of a dizzy and confused mess just feet away from the exit.

Bird intruder in Tesco

Image credit: SWNS

In this incident in a Tesco in Truro cornwall, a seagull made such a nuisance of itself staff raised the alarm and had the store evacuated!

Apparently it was attacking customers. You know you can’t mess with an angry seagull who thinks it’s being held against its will. They can be pretty big and fearsome, I mean for scale look how big it is in comparison to the bags of petfood it’s standing on..

The fact that it’s hanging round the pet insurance sign seems quite fitting to us.

Anyway the store reopened after 15 minutes. There’s no word on how they ejected the intruder or if it figured out where the exit was and left on it’s own free will.